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Navigating Your Human Design

What is Human Design?

Discover and learn how to make choices that energize  and move you to be your authentic self. Go on this journey of unfoldment and learn who you are...your Type, Decision Making Strategy, Learning Style, Motivation, Traits, Challenges, Energy Circuitry and much more.  The Human Design System is a synthesis from several ancient wisdom systems (I'Ching, Chakra, Kabbalah, Astrology) and Quantum Physics which reveals your unique blueprint that maps out both your conscious personality and unconscious genetic and energetic makeup.  

Order a Free Chart by providing:  Name, Birthdate, Time, and Location (City, State) to kjellatogrin@BeYourHumanDesign.com

Purpose, Mission and Background

My passion is to make a difference in this world and be of service by creating a bridge to translate and transform this information to help you  awaken to your life purpose, your gifts, challenges and guide you in your  journey to self-empowerment and full-fillment.  

After leaving a 30+ year successful career in corporate, I have devoted myself to training in esoteric sciences and am now coaching individuals to understand and be their authentic selves through the vehicle of Human Design .   I am a seasoned Human Design Specialist (1/3 Energy Projector) specializing in Parenting, Career, and Relationships coaching with a design that is here to Advise and Guide others energy.

Human Design Readings

   Level I       60 mins    $125.00   

   Level II      90 mins    $160.00 

   Level III    150 mins   $200.00 

Additional Services, Coaching, and Reports:  Partnerships & Relationships, Parenting & Family Dynamics, Career Development, Gene Key Hologenetic Profile, Business, Friendship, Love and Relationship Reports.  

For pricing, payment, and information contact Kjella T. Ogrin  

760-560-8401 kjellatogrin@beyourhumandesign.com